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Our products and services for industry

SOL products and services, designed to satisfy the requirements of industry. Compressed liquid gases, as well as technological services and accessories, materials and plant for the safe use of gases.


90 years’ experience in the production and distribution of gases, designed to make our customers’ work easier and safer. Gas from air, deposits or synthesis: regardless of the source, SOL can provide constant, reliable supplies of very high-quality gases, and guarantee that impurities are controlled to the order of “parts per billion” (ppb).

Main gases
Other gases

Gas mixtures

The properties that each individual gas offers are combined in a dedicated, high-performance product. This is the philosophy underlying SOL’s research and development regarding the creation of its gas mixtures, resulting in mixtures the purity of which is accurate to the order of ppb. SOL is always attentive to the needs of its customers, and continuously conducts field tests to offer a wide range of gas mixtures for all needs and uses.

Refrigerant gases and natural fluid refrigerants

SOL has selected a wide range of natural and HFC refrigerant gases for its customers, including the most popular, established products marketed that, according to the latest research findings, meet recent stringent legal requirements (EU F-gas regulation). SOL also supports its customers in the reconversion of existing plant, conscious of the high performance that today’s market demands while respecting the environment and complying with the latest regulations.

Supply methods

Supplying the purest gas or a balanced mixture of gases does not in itself guarantee the maximum quality of the service. In the technical gases sector, it is essential to supply gas in ways, measures and at times that meet each customer’s requirements, and SOL offers the widest range of options designed to help customers in their activities. The SOL product range for storage and transport includes pressurised mobile containers, cryogenic tanks, pipelines or on-site system equipment, regulating devices, together with active and passive safety systems.


SOL offers a wide range of technologically advanced, innovative products for all market applications. The gas-equipment-plant combination makes it possible for us to meet the wide-ranging needs of the market, by offering our customers made-to-measure solutions.

Ancillary services

The added value of a supplier is also measured in terms of the quality of the services it offers with the supply. SOL has made this one of its strong points, by helping its customers tackle all the challenges the market throws up. Technical and technological consultancy, training courses, product and container traceability services, remote control of the state of supply, and the Total Gas Management package which handles all aspects of the supply.

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