AliSOL is a specific range of gases and gas mixtures certified for food use, of foodgrade materials and plant, and of technologies and services developed by SOL to fully meet the requirements of packaging food products in a protective atmosphere.

Modified atmosphere packaging

The packaging of food in a modified or protective atmosphere is a packaging technology in which the normal composition of the air inside the package is modified in a controlled way. Packaging in a protective atmosphere prolongs the shelf life of the food in a natural way, without altering its flavour or appearance.

Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium and nitrous oxide are food-grade certified gases, are among those additives authorised for use by food companies, and are the main components of the mixtures used in protective atmospheres. The AliSOL range, using mono-gases and pre-constituted mixtures with various percentages of the main gases listed above, can adequately meet the requirements of food companies, guaranteeing compliance with the purity requirements of products classified as food additives, in accordance with HACCP procedures.

Protective atmospheres are used for packaging many kinds of food products, including:

  • White and red meats
  • Vegetable products in ranges IV and V
  • Fish products
  • Fresh filled pasta
  • Dairy products
  • Bakery products
  • Coffee and powdered products

Effect of food-grade gases in MAP

Nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar) are gases used to reduce oxygen content, to avoid oxidation, to delay the growth of aerobic microorganisms and to maintain packaging volume.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a significant indirect effect in controlling microbial activity through its bacteriostatic action.

Oxygen (O2) is used to maintain the red colour of meat and to avoid anaerobic fermentation in vegetable products.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is mainly used as a propellant in fat-based liquid products.

Helium (He) is used to trace barrier materials in food packages.

The AliSOL range includes materials and food-grade certified devices for distributing, controlling and handling food-grade gases.

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