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From 1927 to today

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SOL was formed in 1927 by Giovanni Annoni and Aldo Fumagalli from Monza, who started up two factories to produce oxygen and acetylene, one in Leghorn and the other in Ancona. Today it is a company quoted on the Milan stock exchange.

SOL Spa is the Italian leader in the production and marketing of technical, industrial, pure, special and medicinal gases.

Technical gases, which include oxygen, nitrogen, argon, acetylene, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium and their mixtures, are used in most industrial sectors, in scientific research and in medicine.

SOL offers custom solutions to meet customer requirements, developing technologies, processes and plant for gas usage.

The offer is completed by the supply of apparatus and materials, and services for managing and optimising operation involving the use of gases.

Attention to customers’ needs, the continuous search for sustainable products and applications, and, in general respect for company values, are the benchmarks for our day-to-day operations.

SOL Spa is part of the SOL Group, which operates in the fields of Technical and medical gases, Homecare, Biotechnologies and the Production of energy from renewable sources.

More information on SOL Group can be found here: www.solgroup.com