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Using gases safely

Safeguarding the health and safety of personnel is of essential importance for the SOL Group, and for this reason SOL offers its customers training courses in the safe use of gases. These are both theoretical and practical courses, tailored to customers’ specific needs, and based on almost one hundred years’ experience in the sector.

Welding courses

Courses on safety in the workplace under Legislative Decree 81/2008

The benchmark provision for the health and safety of workers is European Directive 89/391/EEC of 13 June 1989, which sets out the minimum occupational health and safety requirements valid for the whole of the European Union. In Italy, the legislation implementing Directive 89/39EEC of 13 June 13 1989, is known as the “Consolidated Act on Health and Safety in the Workplace” (TUSL).

The provisions of the TUSL include the obligation to train and inform personnel involved in the activity.

At the very least, this information and training must cover the following:

  • the dangers and specific risks of activities, and the preventive and protective measures, as set out in the risk evaluation document;
  • the hazardous characteristics of gases and other chemical products used in production processes, as per the safety sheets;
  • the safety regulations governing the activities carried out, as per company procedures, regulations and other documents;
  • first-aid and fire prevention provisions, and the internal emergency plan.

Training must always be provided in the event of:

  • hiring staff;
  • the transfer or change of duties;
  • the introduction of new equipment, technologies or hazardous substances;
  • the introduction of new regulations or the modification of existing ones;
  • the updating of risk evaluation;

and must in any case be periodically repeated.

SOL is authorised to run such course for its customers, and to issue a certificate valid for the purposes of the TUSL, after a test has been passed by those persons concerned.

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