Enermix Comfort line

Enermix, a complete range of technical gases for optimal cutting and welding. COMFORT LINE, the guarantee of a proven, high-performance product. Experience built up over 90 years, applied to cutting-edge applications.


Enermix BackShield

Mixtures for the GTAW welding of duplex and super-duplex steel. Isolating the molten bath by atmospheric gases, avoids the effect of tempering coloration.

Also used for back shielding in the welding of austenitic stainless steel that is not titanium stabilized. The use of Enermix mixtures BackShield significantly improves the corrosion resistance.

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Enermix Carbon

A protective mixture for the manual and automatic GMAW welding of non-alloyed and low-alloy steel, preferably applied to medium-thickness metal sheets.

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Enermix OXygen

Protective mixtures for the GMAW welding of stainless steel, preferably using thin sheets.

Compared with Ar/CO2 mixtures, the spray arc can be achieved using less current.

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