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Analysis and control of pathogenic microorganisms - Diatheva kit

Checking for the presence in foods of pathogenic microorganisms such as salmonella, is essential if problems of contamination and expensive product returns are to be avoided. However, traditional microbiological tests take a long time (several days) to produce results, and require prolonged storage times or the acceptance of the risk of returns. Using the Kit by Diatheva, a SOL group company specialising in biotechnological products, it is possible to reduce the response times of the analyses needed to detect any pathogens to just a few hours, thus guaranteeing of the wholesomeness of the products to be dispatched.

The kit is based on Real-Time PCR technology. This technology uses a normal PCR reaction to amplify in real-time the DNA of any pathogenic microorganisms present in the food, highlighting it using specific fluorophores that interact with the DNA of the pathogen, which being fluorescent molecules, can be detected and measured by using a special instrument.

This technology offers significant savings in time and money, in particular for poultry farms and for companies producing foodstuffs containing poultry meat, and also for laboratories specialising in microbiological analyses.

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