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SOLMET combustion systems are available to feed burners with thermal power ranging from a few hundred kilowatts to more than 3 MW, thus covering the entire power range used in the metal production sector.

The materials, apparatus and devices used, together with the operating logic of the system, are chosen so as to guarantee the highest safety and efficiency standards (EN 746/2, 97/23/CE PED, etc.), the interception and regulation of fuel and oxygen flows according to the process logic, the lighting of the main burner or burners by pilot burners, and control of the burners with a reduction in reporting and checking.

This solution guarantees maximum flexibility in the management of the melting plant, since the monitoring and control of the operating parameters (e.g. vault/bath/fumes temperature, oxygen and fuel flow) make it possible to manage the melting cycle automatically. The system is supplied preassembled on a skid so as to limit the amount of on-site assembly work required, and is managed by a programmable logic controller (PLC) which, thanks to the advanced SOL software installed, ensures the regulation and control of the process by precisely controlling the power provided by the burner. A display, based on the characteristics of the plant, shows all the main process parameters together with the operating or alarm state of the plant’s various components.

When faults are detected that are significant in safety terms, as defined by national and international regulations, the plant automatically moves into the safe position by shutting down the valves of the combustive agent and fuel flows. 

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