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Controlled carbon potential atmospheres - SolMix®

SOLMIX® is the brand name of a technology patented by SOL for the direct production, on customers’ premises, of a gas mix containing inert elements (nitrogen), reducing elements (hydrogen) and non-decarburizing elements (carbon dioxide). This mix is principally employed in the heat treatment of metals, in particular in carburizing and hardening.  SOLMIX® technology enables customers to control their treatment by choosing the carbon potential: the system is flexible and can automatically handle all variables that may influence the process, such as the mix of reactants, temperature and working pressure, the catalysing system and related chemical reactions.

Thanks to considerable production capacity flexibility, designed to meet the immediate needs of treatment furnaces, and to the accurate, certified control of the quality of the mixture produced, SOLMIX is a technology that makes it possible to curb costs, methane consumption and energy use, and so its environmental impact is low.

The main advantages of SolMix® technology are:

  • The control and management of the carbon potential of the mixture produced, which can be modified on the basis of the specific treatment, reducing any corrective actions required on the part of the customer, in regard to the treatment furnace, through the addition of enriching methane or air.
  • The control and management of the variables that regulate the process, including temperature, reaction pressure and composition of the reactive mix, reduced maintenance and better plant performance over time.
  • Great flexibility in the production of the mixture, making it possible to produce only the amount of gas effectively needed by the furnaces.
  • The accurate, constant monitoring of the composition of the end mixture, through an analysis of the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) and the residual amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), with automatic regulation of the reaction parameters.
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