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Self-production of nitrogen - NitroSOL food

SOL’s experience in technologies for the production and use of nitrogen, enable it to offer customers solutions for the optimal and economic supply of gases in their production processes, including the availability of gas in compressed or liquid form or through production systems installed directly on customers’ premises.

The reliability of SOL self-production plants is based on the use of high-quality, long-lasting plant components, on the company’s accumulated know-how in manufacturing and applications, and on 30 years’ experience in handling these plants. In particular in the food sector, where quality standards and certification of the gases produced are essential in guaranteeing the quality of foods, SOL offers self-production systems designed, manufactured and certified specifically for the sector, characterised by the constant control of the quality of production and the monitoring of the gas batches produced, in compliance with EU regulations.

Plants in the NitroSOL food series use cryogenic, PSA or polymer membrane technologies, depending on customer requirements, and these are supplied on skids to facilitate installation; their production capacity can be adapted to differing customer needs, with the purity of the gas produced up to 99.999% pure nitrogen, and with a capacity ranging from a few dozen litres per minute to more than 1000 m³ per hour.


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