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Sanitising environments

Food companies must establish and implement food safety programmes based on HACCP principles, in particular for controlling the proliferation of bacteria, moulds, fungi and other microorganisms. The sanitisation technologies, services and products offered by SOL make it possible to prevent and control biological risk in production environments, including the various machinery and equipment contained therein.

The sanitisation service originated from findings showing that the shelf life of foods, even when packaged using certified-quality gas mixtures, can be compromised if the production environment does not meet the hygiene requirements of European Regulation 852/2004: a sanitised and controlled environment makes it possible to produce food in greater safety by avoiding batches which, if produced in poor environmental conditions, could develop moulds for example, thus shortening product life and entailing a considerable risk of returns, with the consequent financial and reputational damage this could lead to.

Sanitisation by nebulising biocide products in a liquid state, leaving no residues in the environment and maintaining environments healthy through filtering with SOL plant, makes it possible to maintain a high level of production quality and food safety with limited investment and running costs.


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