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Plant and materials for distributing and regulating gases certified for food use

The SOL group produces, and offers to food companies, plant components certified for the distribution, regulation and control of food gases: these components are certified to ISO 9000 standards and also under EU Regulation 1935/2004 (concerning material in contact with food products).

The gases supplied by SOL and used, for example, for packaging technologies or beverage carbonation, are considered food additives or foods by current regulations, and are certified as food compliant by SOL up to their delivery to customers in special containers. However, they are then transferred to packages along lines with valves, pressure reducers and mixers that come into contact with the food gases, and these must not compromise the wholesomeness or quality of the foods concerned. These are essential factors that must be guaranteed to the food company, which is responsible for its food production.

The components of the AliSOL plant supplied by SOL are certified as food compliant, including all connecting lines, so customers are certain that the quality of the gas remains unaltered right up to the point of use, and thus cannot contaminate the food.

The food company may attach the certification to its HACCP manual, and show it to its customers as a guarantee of high quality and food safety.

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