Metal Production

Oxy-combustion and oxygen enrichment

The use of technical oxygen in combustion is widespread in many industrial processes, and offers undoubted advantages over plain air as a combustive agent.

Combustion processes using oxygen instead of air (Oxy-combustion) eliminate the nitrogen in the air (which plays no part in the oxidation reaction of the fuel) and increase flame temperature, making it possible to:

  • reduce specific energy consumption and thus fuel costs

  • improve heat transfer and achieve greater overall efficiency

  • increase the productivity and flexibility of the production plant

  • reduce the amount of fumes produced and related plant costs

  • reduce emissions of unburned fuel and nitrogen oxides (NOX)

The use of oxygen for the partial substitution of combustion air (enrichment), a flexible technology that can be adapted to existing systems with the injection of oxygen directly into the air pipes to ensure a suitable mix in the flow of combustive agent, makes it possible to achieve similar improvements, albeit with lower values than Oxy-combustion.

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