Metal Production

Degassing and porous plugs

Degassing of molten metal can be effected using various gases, including nitrogen (sometimes with small percentages of hydrogen for nonferrous metals), argon and SF6 , depending on the needs of the sector in question, of individual companies and of product quality targets (castings, billets…).

The main technologies offered by SOL for degassing include:

Lances: their simplicity of use makes them ideal for basin furnaces where the mechanical mixing action favours de-slagging, bringing to the surface any solid and gaseous content in the bath and making the molten metal more homogeneous.

Porous plugs: the gas is blown into the bath through special porous plugs installed in the base, and the fine bubbles rising from the bottom scorify the molten metal. Ideal for use in base and aluminium furnaces, they guarantee excellent degassing, in addition to a mechanical mixing action providing better thermal and chemical homogeneity, which is extremely important to improving the quality of the fluid.

Porous plug systems can also be implemented for applications in the glass, special alloy, cast iron and steel industries.

Rotating distributors: these offer efficient scorification while reducing treatment times. The metal is stirred by an immersed rotor that injects the gas, providing optimal efficiency since the same quantity of gas can be used to increase the exchange surface.

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