Metal Fabrication


Heat treatments for annealing purposes, such as soft annealing, isothermal annealing, normalisation, stress relieving and recrystallization, serve to soften the material to make it easier to work both with tools and through plastic deformation, to homogenise its structure and to reduce internal stress.

The modified atmospheres required during this process must guarantee the condition of the metal surface, avoiding oxidation and decarburisation. For this reason, mixtures based on nitrogen and hydrogen, or mixtures with controlled carbon potential, may be used (SOLMIX® technology).

For customers in the annealing sector, SOL offers an integrated service that starts with the supply of the most suitable gases/mixtures for the specific process and the supply of plant for this stock age, followed by distribution and mixing, through to an annealing assistance service that includes analysis of the mixture of gases in the treatment furnace and specific advice on the process including support with the choice of mixture to use on the basis of the material to be treated and specific customer requirements, in addition to a chemical and metallographic analysis service.

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