Metal Fabrication

Brazing of electronic components

In the soldering/brazing of electronic components using PTH or SMD techniques, a rise in the melting temperature of lead-free alloys accelerates the oxidation of the alloy, leading to greater defects and waste. InerSol E technology injects nitrogen into the crucible of wave-soldering machines and of the pre-heating and melting areas in furnaces, in order to control the amount of oxygen in the melting areas of the welding alloy.

The inert gas is injected through sprinkler systems designed and produced on the basis of the type of SMD furnace or wave soldering machine, and the crucible to which they are to be mounted, to optimise the inertisation of the environment, thus minimising the consumption of nitrogen. An inert atmosphere makes it possible to:

  • reduce joint defects and waste formation;
  • reduce costs thanks to lower consumption of lead-free alloy, crucible maintenance and a reduction in the time taken to correct defects;
  • reduce the number of short-circuits and solder balls;
  • obtain shinier soldering.


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