Speciality Gases

Speciality Gases

SOL derives the fundamentals of its know-how from research, and it shares its growth targets and the methods needed to develop new products and to create increasingly efficient services.

Our pure and speciality gases and mixtures are produced using the best techniques available, to guarantee their essential quality and reliability, without compromise.

Our offer is not limited to the supply of gases, but also includes services, plant, equipment and apparatus enabling our customers to operate in a safe and efficient way.

Application sectors

Research centres and universities
Generally interested in carrier gases with a high degree of purity for gas chromatography, instrument calibration and gaseous compounds used as precursors in chemical synthesis.

Chemical and petrochemical industries
Transport and calibration of gas, and calibration mixtures for those instruments used in controlling processes and atmospheric emissions.

Hospital structures
Products and mixtures for laboratory analysis and for supporting diagnostic processes.

High-tech sectors
For the automotive, electronics and renewable energies industries, the contribution of technical gases is fundamental for the innovation of production processes.

Pharmaceutical industries
Pharmaceutical quality gases with a controlled, certified production chain; process and plant validation services.

Environmental monitoring
Gases and multicomponent mixtures for emission control.

The gases

In the pure gases and special mixtures centres SOL produces:

Single gases
Gases with a purity of up to 99.9999 %.

Standard mixtures
Mixtures of a predefined composition, available in stock and accompanied by a declaration of batch conformity.

Special mixtures
Similar to standard mixtures, but of a non-predetermined composition.

Certified mixtures
Mixtures of a non-predetermined composition accompanied by a certificate of preparation.

High-precision mixtures
These are the top products in the SOL production range.

They are individually analysed and contain components in concentrations, and with analytical and filling tolerances, superior to those of other types of mixture.


SOL offers customised solutions for activities connected with the use of gas:

  • Consultancy regarding, and the design and construction of, gas storage and distribution plant.

  • Supply of on-site generators of pure gases for laboratories.

  • Engineering support for the optimisation of existing and new plant.

  • Liquid nitrogen, argon and helium refilling service.

  • Handling services management (TGM). This is the most complete customer service, and provides a single interface for activities related to the consumption of technical, pure and speciality gases:

    • Connection of the cylinders to distribution stations and recipient handling.

    • Consumption monitoring and replenishment of optimal reserves.

    • Management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

    • Contact service, also 24/24 with immediate intervention.

Reference Material Producer

SOL Monza Pure and Specialty Gases Facility hosts the Reference Material Producer “SGPM/RMP”, which is accredited by Italian Accreditation Body -ACCREDIA with RMP N° 307 for the production of Certified Reference Materials against the standard UNI CEI EN ISO 17034: 2017.


The certified reference materials issued by SOL RMP N ° 307 against the standard UNI CEI EN ISO 17034: 2017 are binary or multicomponent gaseous mixtures of high quality and reliability, that can be used as primary calibration gas standards.

Speciality Gases Plant

The list of Certified Reference Materials issued by SOL RMP N° 307 against the standard UNI CEI EN ISO 17034: 2017, with related component ranges and expanded uncertainties, is reported on the RMP’s accreditation table, published on the Accredia website together the accreditation certificate.

Download the SGPM / RMP UNI CEI EN ISO 17034: 2017 Accreditation Certificate

Accreditation is the declaration by an unbiased body of the high technological competence and reliability of the certified reference materials issued by SOL as RMP No. 307, as well as of its impartiality.


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