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Hydrotreating & hydrocracking processes

Hydrotreating and hydrocracking processes, which are used to produce mixtures of saturated hydrocarbons whose composition depends on the process conditions (temperature, pressure, catalyst activity), require large quantities of hydrogen, and this is generally produced directly on site using Steam Reforming (SMR) plants. 

The experience and specialist knowledge acquired by SOL enable it to offer products, services and technologies for the production, control and all-round management of hydrogen, starting from assistance during the design phases of new production units or the revamping of existing units, through to the handling of the entire gas supply. The range of services offered is completed by the management of hydrogen supplies and stocks in suitable containers such as cylinder baskets, which may be needed for the start-up of the SMR plant. Thanks to cooperation with leading market operators, and to the availability of specific apparatus and highly qualified personnel, SOL can provide its customers with customised, extensively tested solutions, right from the preliminary design phases onwards.

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