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Sulphide compounds present in hydrocarbons are removed by refining products by means of hydro-desulphurisation processes: the main product of these processes is hydrogen sulphide – H2S – which is later treated to obtain elemental sulphur using the Claus process. The reaction mechanism of this process starts with a reaction stage in which the H2S is oxidised in controlled conditions to produce carbon dioxide using atmospheric oxygen: to reduce the volume of process gas, obtain higher combustion temperatures and increase the production capacity of an existing plant, the air required can be mixed with pure oxygen. Thanks to the experience it has acquired, SOLVE can provide its customers with products, services and modern and efficient technologies to flexibly and effectively meet the oxygen requirements of the various technologies, based on the Claus process, available on the market, which may use high or reduced levels of oxygen enrichment, and require the use of special burners for the use of oxygen in the reaction furnace for this process option.


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