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CO2 cooling of grapes during transportation, pressing and pre-maceration

Wine quality depends on the phenolic and aromatic compounds located mainly in the skins and seeds of the grapes, which can be extracted better using liquid or solid CO2.

SOL is able to provide a wide range of solutions that are using CO2 to promote the breakdown of the cells membranes, to enhance extraction of such compounds and to protect grapes and wine from oxidation.

The cold maceration of must is a technique that delays the fermentation of red grapes for one/two weeks through strict temperature control. The aim of this process is the preferential extraction of colour and fragrance.

The low temperature at which Solid CO2 can maintain the must, permits the easy extraction of anthocyanins, flavonoids and flavans, aromatic compounds making it possible to obtain a wine with improved colour, structure and aroma than wines obtained by means of traditional maceration methods.

Solid CO2 can be used to cool wine grapes at the harvesting stage, immediately reducing the temperature and the risks of oxidation and premature fermentation.

Must cooling is achieved through the direct contact of solid CO2 in small pellets inside the must tanks, or in the crusher machine using automatic or manual operations employing Liquid CO2. SOL can provide all equipment and control systems required for the best cooling process.

CO2 cooling of grapes during transportation, pressing and pre-maceration

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