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CO2 Fumigation pest control

The reduction of crop yield and losses caused by pests is a major challenge to agricultural production.

The fumigant effect of carbon dioxide supplied by SOL allows the post-harvest treatment of organic crops, thus increasing food safety and product quality while reducing waste products without producing any impact on the organic status of the products.

The infestation of agricultural foodstuffs by insects entails clear direct damage to caryopses and seeds; contamination with insect excrement leads to the development of fungi and the consequent formation of micro-toxins that cause illnesses in farm animals and are harmful to man.

The use of SOL carbon dioxide for fumigation, sometimes mixed with nitrogen, combats the development of parasites and reduces the amount of mould and fungi present, thus removing the risks of toxins of vegetable origin such as mycotoxins and aflatoxins being produced.

Carbon dioxide can be applied using special autoclaves, or directly in the silos, through the suitable preparation of storage and operating procedures on the basis of a careful analysis of the product to be treated and the equipment needed: SOL provides customers with the specific equipment and the specialised personnel for these operations.

CO2 Fumigation pest control

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