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CO2 Greenhouse enrichment - Ortoflor®

Ortoflor® is SOL’s technological solution to carbon dioxide enrichment greenhouses. SOL offers a wide range of technological solutions based on its considerable experience and know-how regarding the use of technical gases in agriculture.

Today Ortoflor® is the result of the constant experimentation, study, development and diffusion of technologies that are often essential for achieving substantial improvements in crop quality and production.

Ortoflor® makes it is possible to significantly increase greenhouse production: more than 30 years of research have shown that an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the cultivation environment increases the growth of many vegetable species, improves crop quality, and above all reduces the length of the production cycle, which means improved yields (normally by more than 25-30%) and the significant saving of cultivated areas.

Greenhouse cultivation allows farmers to produce crops all year round, and to satisfy consumer demand for extended periods: Ortoflor® increases the efficiency of photosynthesis since more carbon dioxide is absorbed, and as a result plant health and growth improve.

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