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In the treatment of solid or liquid waste, the use of pure oxygen to replace or supplement combustion air, can help solve several problems in waste-to-energy plant: for example, limited plant productivity, generally due to the age of the plant, can be overcome. Increasing the treatment capacity of the plant can on the one hand make the activity more profitable (this is typically the case of special and hospital waste), and on the other hand it can solve the problem of stocking large quantities of refuse, which leads to delivery and handling problems.

The treatment of waste of variable composition, or that is subject to significant seasonal variations, can create serious problems in maintaining temperature at set-point values, for example when the plant receives particularly humid waste that tends to “put out” the flame. Using pure oxygen makes it possible to maintain combustion at the set temperature even with waste that continually changes composition, thus avoiding the need for auxiliary burners that consume valuable fuel (methane, GPL, diesel) and increase running costs.

SOL offers products, services and technologies based on its many years of experience in the production, distribution and utilisation of pure oxygen, that permit its safe usage in accordance with specific customer needs.

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