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Boosting biological treatment plants - Ecojet®

Wastewater treatment plants may not have sufficient capacity if treatment requirements increase: to avoid having to increase the volume of the biological oxidation tanks, which is already extensive, SOL has developed a number of technologies that make it possible to achieve greater yield and treatment capacity using the same volumes, permitting the treatment of more than double the incoming organic load.

The saturation concentration of pure oxygen in water is about five times greater than that of oxygen in air, so it is possible to replace the correct concentrations of dissolved oxygen five times faster: the use of pure oxygen, efficiently dissolved in the waste water through Ecojet®, means treatment can be effective. Ecojet® is a range of products and services based on a SOL group patent for the treatment of water, and in particular for its purification; the Ecojet plant is one of the most advanced units for transferring gases into fluids available, and thanks to continuous improvement over the years and the studies developed, it is designed and manufactured to guarantee highest-performance gas transfer and thus to minimise running costs, by avoiding the waste of gas and limiting electrical energy consumption.

Ecojet® permits the rapid, easily controllable introduction of pure oxygen into the activated sludge tanks of both civil and industrial treatment plants with effective dissolution that is normally greater than 95% of the gas used. Activated sludge requires the continuous availability of oxygen dissolved in suitable quantities to treat wastewater in an optimal way, while the lack of dissolved oxygen affects the quality of the treatment and compromises its effectiveness: the considerable flexibility of Ecojet® , together with the availability of SOL oxygen, guarantee an immediate response to even unpredictable variations in the amount of pollutant arriving at the treatment plant, and increase its capacity to above the loads it was designed to handle.

Ecojet® can replace, or work alongside, traditional air oxygenation systems, and thanks to its high performance it can hold down investment costs if treatment capacity has to be increased, and optimise running costs making them proportional to the pollutant load.

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