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Advanced Oxidation Processes - AOP

The oxidising properties of ozone, which stimulate the biological purification of pure oxygen and have a high refrigerating power ,together with the chemical inertia of liquid nitrogen, are the basis of the modern environmental recovery technologies offered by SOL for the control of emissions and the decontamination of contaminated areas.

In groundwater treatment, and in particular in Pump & Treat technology, the use of ozone produced from pure oxygen permits the oxidation of several chemicals contained in the water following contamination, such as phenols, long-chain hydrocarbon compounds and non-biodegradable COD.

In Bioventing treatments, the use of pure oxygen or air enriched with pure oxygen can significantly accelerate the kinetics of the biological oxidation reactions, shortening the time needed for decontaminating the area in question.

Groundwater containing certain types of pollutants, especially volatile chemicals (e.g. chloride solvents) can be subjected to stripping treatment with air to lower the concentration of these pollutants in the water, transferring them to the air which is then subjected to a cryogenic elimination process using liquid nitrogen to condense the pollutants and make them easy to remove and send to specialised treatment plants.

Use of the technologies offered by SOL not only permits the effective treatment of emissions or the decontamination of treated sites, but also guarantees considerable flexibility in the choice of timing and operational methods employed in managing operations, achieving the same results with improved control and reduced treatment times.

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