SOL for Healthcare


The CryoRecovery service is designed by SOL to allow third parties to preserve their biological samples or pharmaceuticals in facilities of the highest technological standards, authorised by the Italian National Transplant Centre (protocol 0022082P of 04/10/2013) and managed by its own operating personnel qualified in maintaining the cold chain.

SOL provides its cryobiological rooms, located throughout Italy and certified as Medical Devices under European Directive 93/42/EEC, equipped with certified and validated apparatus and guaranteeing the unequivocal identification and traceability of biological samples inside cryobiological containers and mechanical freezers, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and mistaken identification.

The temperature inside the containers and freezers is continuously monitored and recorded, and remote alarm systems and standard emergency operating procedures are in place.

SOL guarantees remote control of instrumentation, with data for the entire cryobiological room periodically filed with rigourous backup systems in different locations. Data are stored on the SOL server for at least 30 years, as required by current law.

Sectors of Application