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CryoManagement is a service for the construction and integrated management of cryobiological rooms, designed to guarantee the long-term safety of stored samples and of operators.

The service covers all handling, transportation and long-term storage of biological material of all kinds, with solutions and services that have led to the construction of cryobiological rooms all over Europe, many of them accredited by national and international organs, such as the Italian National Transplant Centre and National Blood Centre, JACIE, FACT-NETCORD and ISO 9001.

The service is completed by the availability of cryobiological rooms owned by SOL that are qualified as Tissue Institutes, certified by the Health Ministry (protocol 0022082P of 04/10/2013), for the storage of biological samples on behalf of third parties (CryoRecovery Service) and for managing the process of Disaster Recovery, as indicated in Directive 191/2007.

CryoManagement operates on the following different levels:

  • the design and construction of cryobiological rooms
  • high technology for cryoconservation
  • the computerised management of biological sample traceability 
  • supervision and automation systems certified as medical devices
  • computer management of biological sample traceability
  • safety systems for operators
  • control of the system via the Internet


CryoManagement guarantees the fundamental aspects of the construction and management of cryobiological rooms: 

  • safeguarding operators involved in cryoconservation operation;
  • guaranteeing the traceability of biological samples for their entire life;
  • guaranteeing decades of life for samples;
  • the real-time monitoring of the operating conditions of sample conservation and alarm parameters;
  • the management of the register of samples and patients with computer systems validated according to cGMP;
  • modular construction solutions for specific requirements, with the construction of internal hospital facilities or external facilities;
  • the supply of liquid nitrogen certified as a medical device for the cryoconservation of samples.

SOL provides qualified technicians to handle all biological sample banking and traceability processes, to handle validation and maintenance operations, and to provide specific training and pre-inspection audits.

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