Enermix Premium line

Enermix. A complete range of technical gases for optimal cutting and welding.

PREMIUM LINE, the top range for optimal performance. Thanks to SOL’s research and development, binary, ternary and quaternary mixtures specially developed for each specific application.


Enermix CarboXy

Protective mixtures for the manual and automatic MAG welding of carbon and low-alloy steel, preferably with sheets of medium thickness. Especially suited for Structural steel for pressure vessels.

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Enermix E

Mixtures for leak test usage. Particularly suitable in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, help you locate, and then repair, leaks in the circuits.

The presence of helium, thanks to the small size of its molecules, allows a better detection of microcracks for a more accurate verification, in line with current regulations and Best Practice.

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Enermix High-Speed

Protective Mixture for High-speed automatic MAG welding of stainless steels with high corrosion resistance, preferably on average thickness sheets.

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Enermix Hydro

Mixtures for the manual and automatic GTAW welding of austenitic stainless steel, nickel and nickel-based alloys. Also suitable as protective gases for the plasma welding and cutting of high-alloy stainless steel.

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Enermix H3lium

Inert mixtures for the GTAW welding of nonferrous materials and alloyed or non-alloyed carbon steel. In GMAW welding, Enermix 3 mixtures are used for aluminum, copper and nickel alloys. They are also recommended as plasma gases for welding aluminum, nickel and their alloys. Suitable for the arc brazing of coated and uncoated steel.

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 Enermix NitrohElium

Mixture specially designed for TIG welding of duplex steels and superduplex. Moreover, it guarantees optimum performance on high-alloy steels with a low content of ferrite, particularly used in the chemical industry.

Thanks to the contribution of helium, the NitrohElium mixtures are particularly suitable for automated applications, ensuring high welding speeds. 

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Enermix NitroHydro

Gas mixture for back shielding in the welding of austenitic stainless steels that are not titanium stabilized. By isolating the molten bath by atmospheric gases, avoids tempering coloration effect. The NitroHydro mixtures are particularly suitable for orbital welding applications in pipes and tanks production.

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Enermix 4Time

Protective mixtures for automatic MAG of steels to high strength carbon (4TA) and of stainless steels and austenitic (4TB). The 4Time mixtures provide qualitative performance at the top, preferably on sheets of high thickness.

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